Curt Ladner’s Yellow Blackmouth Curs

Curt Ladner’s Yellow Blackmouth Curs

Curtis Ladner

1209 Gumpond Beall Rd

Lumberton Ms, 39455                        PH# 228-860-5279

Welcome to Ladner Original Blackmouth Curs, the small kennels where I continue the legacy of my father, L. H. Ladner. My name is Curtis Ladner, better known as Curt, on the hunting circuit. Breeding, raising and training yellow blackmouth curs is in my blood. Since my childhood, I learned from my dad that keeping these lines pure and producing only the best hunting dogs is vital.

Raising and hunting dogs has been a big part of my life and I strive to continue the tradition of breeding and raising yellow blackmouth curs in order to keep my father’s passion alive. I will utilize the same methods as my father and will not make any changes because his methods were tried and true. This is my way of not only remembering my father, but also keeping my promise to him to continue his legacy. My main goal for breeding these dogs is for intelligence not color. These dogs make very good tree dogs, stock dogs, and companions. They are the most popular black mouth curs in the united states.